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I had whiplash from a boating accident and since then I have suffered with constant pressure in my ears, head pain, some facial pain and lower back pain. I have noticed that one shoulder is alot higher then the other and my foot hurts alot as well. Could this be because of a C1 Misalignment?


Whiplash accidents in any form (car, boat, and even some accidents around the house) can result in numerous symptoms, traditionally neck and back pain, with referred pain into the arms and legs.  It is not uncommon for people to experience the symptoms that you are after an injury that ultimately involved the Upper Cervical spine, including a C1 misalignment.  Most of the people who come into our offices have had some sort of trauma in their life that knocked one of the first two bones out of place.  If the the first bone gets misaligned it will through the head out of balance then the body will compensate by lowering one shoulder trying to bring the head back to level (as you've already noticed).  This is usually a good indicator that you do have a misalignment in the upper neck but the only way to be sure is to get checked by one of our Upper Cervical Doctors to see if you do have a misalignement.  They will be able to determine if they can help you, and if they can, they will set-up a plan of care to return you to health.  

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