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February 01, 2013

Health Comes From Within

Those who seek answers for their health outside the realm of their own decisions are looking in the wrong place. Health is no accident. Lasting health can only appear as the result of informed, deliberate decisions aligned with Nature's Laws of health.  Unfortunately, many people believe that health is something that is bestowed upon them by some mysterious exterior force or something passed down from their family history.


DNA is not your destiny

Scientists used to believe that our “genes” (DNA) determined our health destiny but a new area of study is showing that this is not the case.  In essence, they have found that there are “instructions” (epigenomes) attached to your DNA that direct it what to do.  These “instructions” are constantly influenced by our lifestyle and can turn our genes on or off like a light switch. 

In fact, you are changing the expression of your genetics daily and perhaps even hourly by the foods you eat, the air you breathe, and even by the thoughts you think. Every substance, thought or feeling produces a complex shift in the biochemical environment of your body and thus can change the expression of your genes. You are actually the "caretaker" of your genetic roadmap.  You do not manifest disease by a defective gene, but by how it is being directed to express itself. 

For decades, we thought that our DNA was an iron-clad code that we and our children and their children had to live by.  Now we can imagine a whole new world of possibilities and the potential is staggering!  There are things we can do to influence our genetics, and therefore our health.

This genetic "flexibility" helps to explain why identical twins become more distinct as they age.  Why does one identical twin develop cancer and the other remain healthy when they have identical DNA? Why does one twin become obese and another remain lean?  

What does this mean for each of us?  It means that you actually play a huge role in controlling your DNA and therefore, your mind and actions can actually control your healing!  You see, the cure for cancer is already programmed within. Each person is born with a highly-advanced cellular nanotechnology that is attacking cancer cells right this minute. Activating and strengthening our inner healing potential should be the goal   of our lifestyle decisions.


Health happens through you, not to you

Many people continue to pursue disease-causing lifestyles while blindly donating money to organizations that they hope will someday "save them".  While they wait for that external solution, disease and sickness creeps up on them.

Obesity is what happens when a person spends each day   imagining how much they're going to start exercising or eating well tomorrow.

Disease is what can happen when people who believe they have no role in their own health outcome. So they eat for entertainment rather than for nourishment, and they live for product-induced external stimulation rather than internal fulfillment.

This concept -- that health is no accident -- is often foreign to many people.  They've been told so numerous times that health comes through intervention (vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, etc.) that the idea of health being created from within just doesn't compute.

A population that believes it has no control over its own health is ripe for exploitation by a highly interventionist pharmaceutical industry. Those who have lost hope in their own inner health potential tend to place their hope in things outside of themselves.  Just turn on the TV or flip through a magazine and you will find ad after ad promising a “cure” for acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, psoriasis, high cholesterol, the list goes on and on.  These “cures” are accompanied by a shocking list of side effects that often promote further disease. 

Lifestyle diseases will never be "cured" through any external, artificial means, regardless of how many billions of dollars are thrown at it. Trying to eradicate cancer with synthetic medications makes about as much sense as trying to cure illiteracy by feeding children "reading pills." Neither literacy nor health can be endowed upon you with the flick of a magic (medication) wand. They cannot be injected into you through a needle. They can only be achieved by teaching each   person how to own their results.

If you wish to express health, no one else can do it for you -- no medication, no vaccine, no cancer non-profit group and certainly not pink buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. You must grasp the controls over your own health destination. Take responsibility for the results you are creating with each and every decision you make: Decisions about spinal/nerve health, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, the use of your mind, the use of your free time, the personal care products you use, all play an important role in your health. 

It may sound difficult but it can be remarkably easy.  Begin with the basics.  Increase plant-based foods and water consumption, eliminate processed foods, exercise 20 minutes a day, think daily on the things that you are grateful for and find a qualified Upper Cervical Doctor.  These simple steps can lead to vast improvements in your health and act as motivation for further improvements.

The good news is that it’s never too late.  Taking control of your own health can be one of the most empowering decisions you can make.  Relying on an outside-in principle for your health is like waiting to see if you become the next victim or statistic.

As upper cervical doctors, we witness healing in our offices every day.  Patients who were told they were victims of their “condition” have   recovered when they thought all hope was lost. As upper cervical doctors, we have known for decades, that the care we provide along with a healthy lifestyle can strengthen people from the inside out and can change their health all the way down to the cellular level. 

(portions of this article were taken from NaturalNews by Mike Adams)


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