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Date News Headline  
December 06, 2013 New Year, New You! Learn More
November 06, 2013 Count Your Blessings - The Healing Power of Gratitude Learn More
July 10, 2013 Simple Sippables for Ultimate Health Learn More
June 03, 2013 10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to Live a Healthy Life Learn More
May 24, 2013 Inflammation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Learn More
February 25, 2013 Upper Cervical Care - A Vitalistic Approach to Health Learn More
February 01, 2013 Health Comes From Within Learn More
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Date News Headline  
November 29, 2012 The ‘As If’ Principle - Take Action Now! Learn More
November 05, 2012 The Art of Asking Empowering Questions Learn More
September 05, 2012 Antibacterial Soaps: Unnecessary Risks, No Benefits Learn More
July 31, 2012 Children and Upper Cervical Care Learn More
July 11, 2012 Navigating The Path Back to Health Learn More
June 06, 2012 Athletic Performance - What Upper Cervical Has To Offer Learn More
April 25, 2012 The Rise of Polypharmacy Learn More
April 02, 2012 Powerful Reasons to Exercise Learn More
March 01, 2012 The History of Upper Cervical. Share Our Past & Celebrate The Future. Learn More
February 06, 2012 The Antibiotic Dilemma Learn More
January 09, 2012 Wake Up Call: What You Should Know About Your Cell Phone Learn More
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Date News Headline  
December 05, 2011 An Attitude of Gratitude Can Improve Health Learn More
November 07, 2011 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Learn More
October 03, 2011 Fever: Friend or Foe? Learn More
August 08, 2011 Are We Raising Healthy Children? Learn More
July 04, 2011 Embracing a Vitalistic Philosophy Learn More
June 06, 2011 The Cholesterol Controversy Learn More
May 02, 2011 Is Sunscreen Bad For Your Health? Learn More
April 04, 2011 Get Ahead of Spring Allergies Learn More
March 07, 2011 March is Upper Cervical Care Awareness Month Learn More
February 04, 2011 Navigating The Path Back to Health Learn More
January 05, 2011 New Year, New Brain: Tips for Optimal Brain Function Learn More
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Date News Headline  
December 08, 2010 Eating Clean? Simple Steps to Transform the Way You Look and the Way You Feel Learn More
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Will upper cervical technique help with pelvis and leg length discrepancy problems?

Ron Leesburg

Dr.'s Response:

Upper Cervical care focuses on the area that surrounds and protects the brain stem....Read More

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