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Upper Cervical Health Centers in Monroe, MI

Thank you for choosing Upper Cervical Health Centers in Monroe, MI as your source for safe, natural and effective health care. We are proud to bring you state-of-the-art techniques and procedures backed by the latest research and development. Whether you are seeking care for a specific condition or you are taking advantage of the wonderful preventative benefits of upper cervical care, we are certain you won't be disappointed! Get your life back today!

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  • Dr. Rick DiGregorio

    Dr. DiGregorio specializes in upper cervical Chiropractic using non force Atlas Orthogonal adjusting techniques. Dr. DiGregorio graduated from the prestigious Palmer College in 1984 and has been practicing for 28 years. Dr. DiGregorio has had an office in Monroe, Michigan for 18 of those years. He is continuing his education in pursuit of certification as an Atlas Orthogonist and is board eligible.  Through his continued studies he is able to provide his patients with the most advanced sophisticated instruments available in chiropractic today. Dr. Digregorio utilizes state-of-the-art upper cervical care that offers patients a gentle and precise treatment for the correction of cervical subluxation.

    Dr. Rion Peddy

    Dr. Rion Peddy is a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic and has been involved with Upper Cervical Care for 15 years including numerous mission trips to South Africa and Central America. He is certified in the Knee Chest Technique through the upper cervical academy and plans to master additional upper cervical techniques. Dr. Peddy is the son of legendary upper cervical advocate and author of What Time Tuesday, James Tomasi. Like his father, he plans to touch as many lives as possible through upper cervical care.

    Favorite quote “The power that made the body… Heals the body”.



Upper Cervical Health Centers

Dr. Rick DiGregorio
Dr. Rion Peddy

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