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Answers To Your Upper Cervical Care Questions...

What is brain-to-body communication?

Who can benefit from upper cervical care?

What is a "subluxation?"

Can you explain the nerve system?

What is body imbalance?

Why do you call it body imbalance rather than a neck imbalance?

How can body imbalance cause me to have physical problems?

Can you explain the importance of holding my correction?

Does it have to be corrected often?

Is it painful to correct?

What should I expect after my first correction?

How long will it take to get better?

What is retracing?

What about surgery and medicine?

l am concerned about radiation from the X-rays. Are they completely necessary?

How soon should I get my children under this care?

How much does it cost?

Why haven't I heard about upper cervical care?

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What are the hidden dangers of this procedure?

Mona Antioch, Ca

Dr.'s Response:

http://youtu.be/gbdQ-8cOXMI...Read More

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